By: Sherrie Mathieson

Sherrie MathiesonLady Gaga is getting what she thrives on –attention– no matter how in “bad taste” it gets. The “Meat” outfit she recently wore to the MTV Music Video awards is a perfect example.

Somehow if someone is outrageously talented we tend to forgive them (i.e. Cher or Elvis)–it becomes part of their persona.

But to my eye (and sensibilities) it seems that being scandalous is the short cut many entertainers take to get sure-fire headlines. “Bad PR is better than no PR”–the PR folks say.

What troubles me Is the message it sends to the public. “Taste” is a forgotten value. Whether by exaggerated plastic surgery, or via outlandish personal “style”—many use it as a means to “exist” and to be noticed.

Never mind the site Walmart People— have you been to a mall or the airport lately?

Lady Gaga Meat Outfit