2012’s In High Gear, Are You?

Anne Holmes - Boomer in Chief at NABBW

We’re well into 2012. It’s already February. Which means that a few resolutions have been broken, the Super Bowl is a memory, and the star-studded new song and dance show Smash, NBC’s answer to the Fox Network’s megahit Glee, has finally aired its first episode, after having been promoted for months….

I’m not a resolution maker, but I do try to set goals at the beginning of each year. Some of them are small, like clear the paper piles off my desk so that I have a nice clean space to work in.

For that one, I was inspired by the quote I share below, from Merlin Mann, an author who is probably best known as the creator of 43folders.com, a popular American website about finding the time and attention to do your best creative work.

Merlin says, “The mindless junk of your past crowds out opportunities and sets pointless limitations. Move out the junk, and you create room for the rest of your life. Ultimately, it’s not just a question of tidying your house; it’s a question of liberating your heart.” I have to say it took liberating my desk this morning to get this intro to flow. So Merlin knows what he’s talking about…

Now that I’m a bit more organized, I’m planning to keep this Intro short and sweet. This intent is inspired by a website called SMITH, the home of “six word memoirs,” which I’ve just discovered. Similar to the Japanese poetry format haiku, the Smith concept is to tell a story in just six pithy words. (While, Haiku gives you a more generous 17 syllables, as I recall.)

Some of the most interesting pithy memoirs I found on the site today included ruminations on the major topics of life, love and being a mom:

Life: Everyone’s Facebook life better than mine. Bored to tears with small fears.

Love: Found a man worth cooking for. And Would shorten life to extend his.

Moms: Break’s over, new semester, empty room. And I changed them… they changed me.

I used a Smith-influenced headline for this issue, and here’s my first stab at a 6 word subhead: “Unretired Boomers still making news, fun.”

Hmmm. I’d say it needs a bit more work. Please enjoy the rest of the issue while I fiddle with finding the best six words…

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Anne L. Holmes

“Boomer in Chief”

PS Be sure to send us your news, and tell us what you think of this issue. As always, “I’m listening.”

Boomers In The News

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Recent Forum Topics

I continue to witness women encouraging others in our Virtual Village at Boomer Women Speak Forums.

Won’t you join us? Here’s a peek at some topics we’re chatting about:

Quotes for Living

This month we bring you a wealth of inspirational quotes from a variety of amazing people. If you have some other quotes which guide you, please feel free to send them so we can share them with the rest of our audience.

“The mindless junk of your past crowds out opportunities and sets pointless limitations. Move out the junk, and you create room for the rest of your life. Ultimately, it’s not just a question of tidying your house; it’s a question of liberating your heart.”~~Merlin Mann

“Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.”~~James Allen

“The successful person has the habit of doing the things failures don’t like to do. They don’t like doing them either necessarily. But their disliking is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.”~~E.N. Gray

Upcoming Teleseminars


For many of us, the concept of retiring is just not something we allow ourselves to think about. Yet. Ask many Boomers when they plan to retire and the answer you get back is, “Never. I expect I’ll be working until they put me in my grave.”

Pamela J. Sams, NABBW's Retirement Planning ExpertPamela Sams, CRPC, NABBW’s RetirementPlanning Expert understands. She’s heard it all before. After all, the CRPC after her name stands for “Certified Retirement Planning Counselor.” In her “day job,” which she’s been doing for the past 10 years, she helps women and their families improve their personal and financial wealth through good financial planning.

We’ve asked Pamela to share some of the changes she’s been seeing lately, and she’s agreed. In February, she’ll be our guest expert on two NABBW teleseminars focused on retirement planning. You’ll want to mark your calendars now for these two calls.

Especially if you’d like help finding answers to important questions like these:

  • When should I retire?
  • How much will I need?
  • Where should I be saving my retirement dollars?
  • What are my income sources in retirement?
  • What is available from Social Security?
  • What if I’m getting close to retirement and don’t have enough?
  • How am I going to spend my time and how will I make it count?
  • If I don’t have health insurance in retirement, how much is health care going to cost?
  • Do I need a financial adviser to help me with my retirement investments?
  • What’s the best way to take money out of my retirement accounts when the time comes?

Our two teleseminars are coming up fast!

“Top 5 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Retirement” is Thursday February 9th at 8 PM Eastern.

“5 More Tips for Planning a Successful Retirement” follows a week later: February 16th. Again at 8 PM Eastern, which of course, is 7 PM Central, 6 PM Mountain and 5 PM Pacific.

Click the links above for details on how to access these calls. You can join us by phone, on the web, and even via Skype. And you’ll be able to ask Pam questions during the call. So plan now to join us!

Retirement awaits!

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Mary Anne BenedettoMary Anne Benedetto
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Carolyn Howard-JohnsonCarolyn Howard Johnson
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Dr. Dorree LynnDr. Dorree Lynn
Dr. Dorree reports that she’s been quoted in several articles recently, including Forbes (““Happiness is More than Finding A Dream Job for 65+. Try Sex, Study Finds”“), ABC News (““Secret Children of Hollywood”“) and Grand magazine (“Sex for Better Health)”).

Nancy Werking PolingNancy Werking Poling
Nancy sent us a copy of a recent blog post in which she discusses why she is concerned that so many young women aren’t well enough informed about political issues that affect them.


Diane BlackDiane Black
Diane encourages all NABBW members to check out the latest products on her site. She is especially excited to share news about a new product, the Shea Butter Station, which allows users to apply their Shea butter as a lotion, and the new Here’s Your Heart soaps, which are perfect Valentine’s gifts.

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