As April Ends It’s Time to Use Our “Outside Voices” – We Must Speak Up to Protect Our Rights

Anne Holmes - Boomer in Chief at NABBWApril is flying by – fast. We’ve already had Passover, Easter, Tax Day and Earth Day. The “next big thing” is the “We Are Women March,” set for this weekend: Saturday, April 28th.

If you haven’t yet heard about this event, it will be big: Women everywhere are relocating their voices and marching in every state capital, including DC, displaying their non-partisan unity in an effort to tell our legislators “Enough is enough!”

If you haven’t yet heard about this, check out the “United Against the War on Women” website. From there, you can find out where the march will be held in your state.

As women who grew up during the 60s and 70s, we Boomer Women know the power of solidarity and unity. I’m hoping that this march will bring an end to the recent years of apathy during which we women have stood on the sidelines, allowing others to take control of our bodies, our health, our incomes and our rights.

I totally agree with political commentator Donna Brazile, whom many of you see on CNN and ABC or hear on NPR, who recently wrote about this alarming situation in an op-ed piece I think is worth sharing.

Here is what Donna said:

Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said. “One can’t believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” — “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There” by Lewis Carroll

I kept thinking about this conversation between the White Queen and Alice as I watched one Republican spokesperson after another deny that their party has launched a “war on women.” Some partisan strategist apparently decided the best way to make a truth go away is to ask the public to believe the impossible — that it doesn’t exist.


In full disclosure, I too am a partisan. But I also recognize that facts matter, and that we can’t discuss policy if we put words through the looking glass to distort the facts. And all across America, GOP lawmakers have introduced legislation designed to restrict women’s access to a full range of reproductive health care services. They even want to eliminate funding for Title X, our nation’s family planning program, which was introduced by Richard Nixon.

Redefining women’s rights so that they aren’t, and finding pretzeled explanations to justify enforcing economic inequality — I call this Humpty-Dumptying the debate. Republicans’ denial of a pattern of behavior — namely, their concerted effort to return women to a pre-World War I status — asks us to believe the impossible.

A new report by People for the American Way concludes, “Anti-woman proposals that have been percolating in the right-wing fringe for years — such as ‘personhood’ measures — are suddenly supported by mainstream presidential candidates. Rights that women have come to take for granted — like the right to access birth control — have suddenly come under attack for the first time in decades.”

Let me highlight just a few of the greatest attacks on women’s access to reproductive health care and preventative medicines, as presented in that report:

* Republicans in Congress have voiced strong opposition to extending the Violence Against Women Act. In one instance, they want to strip a provision giving Indian tribes new authority to enforce domestic violence laws. Some Republican leaders, now worried about the gender gap among voters, are modifying their opposition. They will still attempt to pass a watered-down version.

In response, Vice President Joe Biden, one of the original champions of the act, said: “Imagine now the message it sends if (the law is) not reauthorized. Just ask yourself, what message would be sent to every one of our daughters, every one imprisoned in her own home?”

* Many Republicans want to repeal the Lilly Ledbetter Federal Fair Pay Act. Signing it was Obama’s first act in office. Still, despite progress, women today are paid 77 cents on the dollar — a man’s dollar. If the pay were equal, it would buy eight months’ worth of groceries.

* In 2009, Wisconsin ranked 36th in wage parity. But the state’s Equal Pay Protection law for women — same job, same pay — allows women to sue businesses. So Republican Gov. Scott Walker got the Republican legislature to repeal the law, using the pretzel defense that lawyers were using the law to “clog up the legal system.”

* Republicans in Virginia passed a vile law mandating that a woman seeking an abortion must have an invasive vaginal ultrasound exam, though it has no medical purpose. Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell said he’d sign it, then said he’d oppose it, but signed it March 7.

* In Pennsylvania, Republican Gov. Tom Corbett offered up some advice for women who don’t want to have a mandatory ultrasound before they terminate their pregnancy: Don’t look at it. “I don’t know how you make anybody watch,” Corbett said. “You just have to close your eyes.”

Will voters consider all this part of an attack on women’s rights — an assault that allows government intrusion into your private life decisions? We will soon find out.

But we women deserve to have control over the critical decisions affecting our own health, and we intend to keep it that way.

And if Donna doesn’t get you agreeing that “Enough is enough,” and we need to act now to take back control over our lives, I’ve got one more salvo.

Here’s Erin Nanasi, Senior Columnist for the web magazine MadMikesAmerica, speaking passionately from her kitchen. Her video, “We Are Warriors”, which she and her husband shot last February, is actually what led first to the development of a Facebook page, and then to the decision to hold the “We Are Women” marches across the nation.




Isn’t it amazing how powerful one compelling voice can be?

Speaking of the power of one voice:

  • I have to mourn the passing of another voice which has been so strongly a part of our forum, BoomerWomenSpeak. Most of you know by now that Charlene Michaels, who posted under the moniker “Chatty Lady,” passed away earlier this month. She will be missed.
  • We have a new voice joining the stellar roster of NABBW Associates. She is Liza Weiman Hanks, coming on board as our expert on Estate Planning. Please join me in welcoming Liza. Hers is an important topic that becomes ever more crucial, the older we get.
  • Be sure to check out the entertaining “Texts from Hillary” (Secretary Hillary Clinton, of course) before you set this issue aside. They literally had me rolling on the floor laughing, and once I found them, I just had to share them with you.

And don’t forget to check out the many wonderfully relevant web links, Associate posts, book reviews and Member News Bytes in this issue.

Well that’s it for me this month. I’m deep into the development of the May issue already, and I can promise you it’ll will be as good as this one is. Until then, find your voice and use it. Our rights need to be protected, and you can help make sure they are. Let’s end our apathy now.

And while we’re doing that, why not invite a friend to join you? You’ll hugely magnify your impact that way…

Don’t forget, NABBW is dedicated to supporting you and helping you live the best life possible. Be sure and use all your benefits, and if you’re not yet a member join now! Exciting things are happening here!

Anne L. Holmes, “Boomer in Chief”

PS Be sure to send us your news, and tell us what you think of this issue. As always, “I’m listening.”

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Always, Liza’s focus has been to provide personalized, attentive, high-quality and affordable family estate planning.

These days, Liza assists her clients in drafting living trusts, wills, powers of attorney and advance health care directives. She also assists trustees and executors in trust administration and probate. Liza says, “I love teaching my clients so that they feel confident and competent during both estate planning and trust administration/probate. In my opinion, there’s no such thing as a ‘dumb question.'”

A 1996 graduate of Stanford Law School, Liza is a former magazine editor, and the mother of two children. She still tries to schedule her days in order to allow her to pick her kids up after school.

In addition to practicing estate planning law, she has written three books, The Mom’s Guide to Wills and Estate Planning, The Trustee’s Legal Companion, and The Busy Family’s Guide to Estate Planning: 10 Steps to Peace of Mind (Note: This book comes with a CD-ROM that provides 15 easy-to-use forms — including a simple will — and worksheets that will help you get organized, make important decisions and track your progress). All books are published by Nolo and available in bookstores on- and offline.

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